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Poster: AndyECT Date: Aug 25, 2022 2:20pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: issues with links to iframes on iPad

It goes to bottom of page 40 and top of page 41.
iPads are iPad pro 10.5 and iPad Pro (12.9 - 3rd generation). Both running 15.6.1. Certainly not most recent models, but no problems I have noticed with anything else.

Will try with 2up later. I can't get it to refresh at the moment without just displaying 1up even though a new page uploaded with different name!


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Poster: AndyECT Date: Sep 1, 2022 2:31pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: issues with links to iframes on iPad

I have experimented further with different url address content.
This works for going to page 110 - but only with all details etc. of volume showing at the bottom of the frame.

Same with 2up

but when the broken edged square is clicked at the bottom right of the frame or with
?view=theater at end of url string
it goes to wrong page
goes to wrong page and "2up" does not seem to have any effect. Only one page shows.
goes to wrong page'

Interestingly though - if I cick on the cross (next to headphone symbol) at the bottom right of the iframe it goes to two pages view and then if I click on the broken edge square at the bottom right next to the headphone symbol it goes to the correct page 110!


I wonder if there is anything that can be done to resolve this issue on slightly older iPads.